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Start playing in casino for Litecoin p2p currency

Our browser-based casino for real money keeps up to date and recently several additional payment options were added. Today we are going to review one of these options in detail: Litecoin p2p currency.

Litecoin p2p currency

General info about Litecoins

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer internet currency which is a fork of Bitcoin, i.e. Base code of Bitcoins was used when LTC were created. Similarly to BTC, Litecoin utilizes the principle of a p2p net which can be characterized by the absence of an administrator of any type, which makes it impossible to regulate the rate by the third parties.

LTC can also be mined on your own. However, number of Litecoin miners extends all the time because of the fact that this online currency is distinctly popular. As a result, many people prefer to join mining pools to raise the probability of getting the LTC. The award is divided fairly among the joiners of the pool.

In addition to these, there are plenty of faucets which give away LTC to everyone for surfing through sites with advertising.

Distinctions between Litecoins and Bitcoin

Inspite of the similarity to BTC, Litecoin has some original characteristics. For example, in terms of the money transaction. The difficulty of computing LTC is selected so that 1 block is generated within two or 2.5 minutes. It is 4 times faster than a similar transaction in the BTC blockchain. This characteristic makes it easier to confirm the operation.

Another advantage of Litecoin p2p currency is that you can get 84 million of Litecoins in total which is 4 times greater than the entire number of Bitcoins.

Start playing in our internet casino for real money for Litecoin p2p currency

Just like BTC, LTC is best for playing in the mobile friendly casino with a minimum deposit $0.01 because of great level of anonymity. The unique cryptographic means are applied to defend the system. So you can play for Litecoin p2p currency even if gambling is prohibited in your country.

In order to make the deposit in Litecoin in our fair casino with a minimum deposit 0.01 US dollar you need to:

  • Be signed up in our online casino for money and be signed in when you deposit;
  • Go to the Finance section and choose Litecoin from the listed payment methods of online casino with a minimum deposit 1 cent;
  • Specify the amount of deposit (it should not be less than 0.01 USD);
  • Request to fullfill your game deposit.

Once the money transaction is finally verified, LTC will be credited to your game account.

Playing blackjack in gambling casino for money and win even more money! Winnings in Litecoin p2p currency can be exchanged for fiat money or Bitcoin. Use only reliable internet X-change services.